Study 133: Attention-Switching Across Depths

Informed Consent

McMaster University, Psychology Department

Principal Investigator: Hongjin Sun,
Graduate Student Researcher: Hanna Haponenko (

Purpose of Study
You are invited to take part in this study examining how depth of target onset affects attention switching.

You will be asked to complete short written questionnaires about your demographics and your experience with the experiment. You are asked to complete a driving simulation projected onto a large screen, where you will respond to targets located in your peripheral field. The entire experiment will approximately take one hour.

Potential Risks & Benefits
The potential risks involved are minimal. Your eyes may feel tired staring at a bright screen in a dimly lit room for the duration of the experiment. You may feel bored during the task or anxious because of the boredom. You may also start to feel tired or sleepy. Should you experience any mental or physical discomfort, you may withdraw from the study at any time without penalty. This research will not benefit you directly. We hope that analyzing the results of this study will help us better understand how visual features in our environment affect our attention. You will receive one (1) SONA credit towards your designated undergraduate course.

Your data will not be shared with anyone without your consent or as required by law. By having your data added to the research database, there is potential for a breach of confidentiality. Every effort will be taken to ensure that your information is kept private. The data we collect from you will not be linked to any personal identifiers. Your data will be identified by a participant ID number. Only researchers in Dr. Sun’s lab will have access to your data. These researchers understand the laws regarding privacy and confidentiality. Finally, your encrypted data are stored securely in a lab computer with limited access. The McMaster University Research Ethics Board has approved this research study.

Participation and Withdraw
If you volunteer to be part of this experiment, you may withdraw at any time with no consequence to you, and your data will be destroyed. However, once data is collected, it will be used in the analysis unless you request to withdraw your data from the study. If you have any questions about this research, please contact Hanna Haponenko at or 905-525-9140 x 26031.

Consent Statement
I read the preceding information thoroughly. I had the opportunity to ask questions, and all of my questions were answered to my satisfaction. I understand that if I agree to participate in this study, I may withdraw from the study at any time. I understand the information provided for this study, Attention Switching Across Depths, as described herein. I understand that I will receive a signed copy of this form if requested. I agree to participate in the study.


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